Research Center

Center is an independent interdisciplinary academic initiative for analyzing the connection between local and global level as well as the connection among political and ethical relations in the context of globalization. The researchers focusing on the problem of the relation among universal, ethical values and particular, cultural and political context. We stress the need for political and philosophical category of space and boundary. We do research concerning the working of international institutions and analyze the condition of global justice.


Scientific Projects:

  1. Human and Citizens Rights in a Globalized World
  2. European Law
  3. Philosophical Evaluation of Axiology and International Law


  1. BooK: Human and Citizens Rights in a Globalized World; B. Markiewicz, A. Nogal, M. Gawin, R. Wonicki. See free ebook here:

Scientific Cooperation:


Prof. Krzysztof Przybyszewski (Instytut Filzofii, Uniwersytet Poznański)

Dr. Magdalena Baran (Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny)